Fizzy Chocolate Discs

Fizzy Chocolate Discs

I needed a unique gift for my nephew and I wanted to give him a packet of ‘space rocks’ or ‘pop rock’ candy which I remember from my childhood. The nearest I could find was popping candy whereby you had to dip a lollipop or stick into a sherbet/fizzy powder and then enjoy a sensational experience!

As I was a little apprehensive about giving a small child store bought, mass produced candy with questionable ingredients… I decided to make these sherbet discs as an alternative.

Click below to see a video of how I made that sherbet or fizzy chocolate discs

Tips and Tricks

If you don’t have a double boiler, just use a stainless or glass bowl over a pot of boiling water – this is what I do, just be careful when handling the bowl as it does get very hot.

I like to spread the chocolate out roughly with a silicon spatula then use an angled palette knife to get it really smooth and to the thickness I want.

To heat the cutter, have a large cup of boiling water nearby and dip the cutter into the hot water for 2-3 seconds, tap it dry on a clean tea towel, cut a circle of chocolate then repeat.

Gently push the chocolate discs out of the cutter you use by pressing on the chocolate near the cut edge against the chocolate.

Fizzy Chocolate Discs

Serves 8


190g chocolate (I used 70% cocoa dark chocolate)

3 tbsp sherbet

For the sherbet mixture:

2 tsp citric acid

1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp icing sugar  


Mix together ingredients for the sherbet in a bowl.

In a double boiler, melt the chocolate. Remove from heat when the chocolate is about 3/4 melted and stir mixture to melt the rest of the chocolate.

When all chocolate is melted and you have a smooth mixture, add sherbet and mix thoroughly

Pour mixture onto a baking tray lined with a silicon mat.

Spread and smooth out mixture to about 2-3mm thick.

Sprinkle additional sherbet over the top of the chocolate.

Place in fridge to set the chocolate.

When set, use a heated cutter to cut circles from the sheet of sherbet chocolate.

Place chocolate discs in an airtight container with non-stick baking paper between each chocolate disc.

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