Spring Onion Flatbreads

Spring Onion Flatbreads

Using up a glut of spring onions or scallions is easy when you have this recipe up your sleeve. Quick and easy as well as tasty, these spring onion flatbreads make a great snack on their own or as a side dish alongside your next favourite curry or saucy dish for dinner. I love them served with a cantonese inspired dipping sauce made up of light soy sauce, black vinegar and homemade chilli oil. However, they go very well with just soy sauce if you are not keen on black vinegar or chilli oil (or are not interested in satisfying the curiosity of your adventurous streak)

These delightful flatbreads are vegan, dairy free and easy to make, especially if you need to entertain some unexpected guests in a hurry. With a 10 minute minimum resting time, these spring onion flatbreads Can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes and served as a tasty treat to accompany your fine hospitality.

The spring onions in the garden went bezerk and were really big so I decided I needed a recipe to quickly use up a bunch of spring onions that was not only tasty to eat but quick and easy to make, which is how we got to this hot water dough recipe.

Similar in taste to traditional chinese spring onion pancakes, these spring onion flatbreads are comparably a lot quicker to make but just as delicious. I like to serve them for lunch with a sauce or as a side dish to eat alongside a nice, tasty curry for dinner. come to think of it, one of these with the dipping sucae would make a great entree or starter to a fancy chinese banquet; what a great all rounder of a recipe!

To view a process video of how I like to make these spring onion flat breads click the link below:

Tips and Tricks

Chopsticks are a like a universal tool, I use them all the time when I’m cooking. From mixing, beating, stir-frying to skewering and make shift toast tongs, I find chopsticks are very useful in the kitchen for all kinds of tasks.

I had rather large spring onions to inspire me to makes these spring onion flatbreads. Thus, in the video link below, I show me only chopping up a few leaves of one spring onion, however, you will find the amount I chopped up is equivalent to about 4 standard finger sized spring onions – I guess that gives you a good idea of how much or high high on a grand scale these spring onions growing in my garden were.

A great tip is to add the oils to the water before adding it all to the dry ingredients. This makes it easier to mix the oil into the dough evenly. I actually learnt this trick whilst making play dough. I found that if I added the oil or food colouring to the dry ingredients separately to the water, it would take me a lot longer to make the dough as I spent more time trying to get a uniform colour and consistency with the dough ball.

Spring Onion Flatbreads

Serves 12


2 cups flour

1 cup hot water

4 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp rice bran oil

4 spring onions, chopped


Add oils to hot water.

With flour in a large bowl, add water and oil.

Stir to roughly combine.

Add spring onions, stir into a shaggy dough.

Knead by hand until a smooth dough ball is formed, adding more flour as required.

Shape into a round disc, cover with plastic film and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes.

Remove from the refrigerator and cut into 12 equal sized segments.

Dust a work surface with flour, knead and roll our each segment into a flatbread approximately 3mm thick.

Heat a frying pan to a moderately high heat.

Add 1 teaspoon of rice bran oil. Place a flatbread onto the hot surface of the pan.

Fry for 2- 4 minutes or until the flatbread has plenty of air bubbles.

Flip the flatbread over and fry for 2 minutes, or until lightly browned.

Repeat for remaining flatbreads.

Serve warm with your favourite dipping sauce or curry.

Our favourite dipping sauce is made up of: 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tsp black vinegar, 1 tsp chilli oil (or to taste).

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